Ira Miller

Wizard of Magic Internet Money and founder of guld, a new peer to peer internet.

After founding his first crypto startup, Bitmunchies, when bitcoin was $0.35, Ira went on to co-found Coinapult when bitcoin was $3. He left Coinapult when bitcoin was $300 to pursue the ultimate crypto dream of a free internet.

On July 23, in the 271,561st hour of his life, he will metamorphize into the first Decentralized Man.

By mining 24 personal ISYSD tokens per day out of his Equity, Ira will be able to track his life on the blockchain. His first act will be giving the majority to his family, especially 2 year old Gigi and ferret Lily.

Up to 10 hours a day, Ira will work on #moon #rocket plans, so all ISYSD hodlers get #lambo.